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Small Bedroom Design - Think Hotel

As time goes by, the trend towards downsizing and living in smaller spaces keeps growing.This can present design challenges when you are used to living in big spaces with lots of room for your stuff. The first obvious answer is to get rid of lots of stuff! That will go a long way towards making things easier.

The next step is to think hotel.  Yes think really nice hotel, not crooked lamp shade dingy light hotel but super nice hotel. Many senior communities now stage models that look like upscale hotel rooms.

If you have traveled a bit and stayed in places both good and bad think of what shaped your experience in that room. To me, the things great hotel rooms have in common are light, bright, height and functionality. All these things can be accomplished with simple design logic. 

In every great hotel room the bed is the star of the show. Tall headboards, accent walls with great lighting make even tiny beds look rich and luxurious. All these things bring light and height to small bedroom spaces. Use less furniture of a larger scale.  Of course keep in mind flow of the room don't over do it. One or two larger pieces can do double duty in the function department. 

Consider using a single larger piece with drawers, small writing desk or wall mounted shelves to serve as nightstands. These will not close off your space, give you storage and provide display area for pretty lamps, pictures and your night time read.

stage a houseMounting window treatments closer to the ceiling will give you height even in the tiniest room.

Using accessories or pieces that reflect light will bring a small space to life and create the illusion of more space. Always avoid the squat and weenie. Stick with lamps that have presence and taller profiles.

Your bedding choices will really make the room. Pick colors that are soothing. You can add pop with large or bold patterns. Lots of little tiny patterns going on at the same time will make a small space look busy and tense.

small bedroom

Shy away from tiny wall art. Use one single larger piece or a set. Now if you really want to go for the bling, get rid of the ceiling fan and add a beautiful chandelier or interesting light fixture you can admire every time you walk in. 

Making your lighting layered and using dimming switches can help suit your mood. Bright for reading and all settings in between for relaxing.

Remember relax is the key word. Keep your office or work space somewhere else or tucked away in a nice Armour with your TV. Amours are great if you are short on closet space and take up less long wall space than a traditional dresser.

Look up a few of those swanky hotels and draw your inspiration. From cool and casual to really formal you will find something that speaks to you.  Now go create!

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Small Bedroom Design - Think Hotel
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